Monday, October 9, 2017

Milk for cheesemaking

Good milk - naturally raised and minimally processed is made for cheesemaking. Cheese reflects the quality of the milk that makes it. Milk used must meet certain critical physical, chemical and microbial standards.
Cleanliness, accurate temperature control and good quality milk are the requirements for successful cheesemaking. Milk is most suited for cheesemaking if it comes from grass-fed, pastured animals. Regardless of species, milk makes better of the animal are well nourished and eating their most natural foods.
Milk from sick animals may contain bacteria harmful to consumers. If the animals have been treated with antibiotics, their milk may include residues whose residual action might inhibit development of lactic acid starters when the milk is processed into fermented dairy product such as cheese. The key considerations to make when sourcing milk for cheesemaking are:
*That the animals providing it are healthy and pasture fed
*That the milk is unpasteurized
*That the milk is unhomogenized
*That the milk is fresh
Milk for cheesemaking
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